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Formed as a result of discussions between public and private sector media stakeholder, which met as the Media Consultative Committee on 24 April, 1 September, and 3 December 1998, the Media Advisory Council has been empowered to consider both the immediate and long-term policy concerns of media stakeholders. It reports to the High Level Consultative Council.

A four member sub-committee, consisting of a representative each from the BMCC, Botswana Journalists Association (BOJA), Botswana Chapter of the Media Institute of Southern Africa (MISA) and the Department of Information and Broadcasting, met and drafted operating guidelines for Advisory Council functioning in March 1999.

Membership on the Media Advisory Council currently consists of two representatives each from the BMCC, BOJA, and MISA-Botswana, individual representatives from the Botswana Association of Accredited Practitioners in Advertising (BAAPA), Botswana Council of NGOs (BOCONGO), Botswana Law Society, Botswana Press Club, the University of Botswana and new National Broadcasting Board, as well as government representatives from the Office of the President, Department of Information and Broadcasting, and Ministries of Education and Home Affairs.
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